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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  May 4, 2013 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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good morning, america. this morning, breaking news. california burning. massive wildfires out of control growing overnight. now threatening thousands of homes. our team is right there documenting the fight from the ground and from the air. this morning, could a change in the weather turn the tide in this desperate fight? also developing overnight, israel launches air strikes against syria. meantime, president obama issues new threats against the syrian regime. so how far is america willing to go to end syria's bloody civil war? under fire, take a look at this video. a traffic stop turns into a gun battle when a driver pulls out an assault weapon and unloads on police. we're going to tell you how this thing ended. and fast food fight.
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restaurant chains pulling out all the stops to get you cheap eats. how low will they go with their menu prices? ♪ i love this feeling on this summer day when you were gone ♪ i know what i'm doing after the show, taco bell. but we do have new developments this morning in what is still a fast-moving investigation into the boston bombings. we now know the cause of the deaths of the older brother, tamerlan tsarnaev as the battle rages this morning over where to bury the body. this as investigators are now focusing more intensely on tamerlan's widow, this woman right here and we'll tell you why that is coming up. >> they're especially interested in phone conversations they may have had right after the bombing. also this morning, sudden death. a successful doctor mysteriously dies in her home. a large amount of cyanide found in her system. police search the house overnight and were spotted away hauling away potential evidence as stunned neighbors look on.
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was this a suicide or foul play? big mystery this morning and on a lighter note in pop news, if you listen closely you might hear whimpering among our female staffers including ginger zee. one of hollywood's most eligible bachelors now discussing the "m" word. what leonardo dicaprio thinks about marriage. will he ever walk down the aisle? that's coming up later. we'll start with california burning. the wildfire season starting early and strong overnight the situation got even worse. firefighters contending with high winds and heat as they attacked walls of flames threatening thousands of homes. abc's clayton sandell is on the front lines incamarillo, california. clayton, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. overnight the fire grew to 28,000 acres and although firefighters are getting some help from the weather, they know the battle against this monster blaze isn't over yet. on the front lines this morning an all-out battle to get the upper hand on a fire that in one day tripled in size.
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a shift in the weather is bringing cooler but more erratic winds. >> it's swirling around and comes from every direction. >> reporter: 4,000 homes still threatened. >> fire and it was right in front of the house. we put it out with shovels, used basically whatever we could. >> reporter: john gregory watched as flames raced toward a naval base. >> there's protection crews all over focusing on this training facility trying to protect it from the flames. >> reporter: amazingly no homes have been destroyed. thanks to nearly 2,000 firefighters, aircraft and even residents. 18-year-old brittany smalarki was helping to evacuate horses when we spotted her using only a bottle of water and riding boots to stomp a sudden spot fire. the smoke overpowering but she beats back the flames until the cavalry arrives. >> i've never been that close to a fire and, wow. that smoke is pretty deadly.
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i was trying to protect everything that i can. i don't want my barn to burn up. >> reporter: now right now you can feel the humidity is a lot higher than yesterday. it's not supposed to be as dry or as hot. it was a record 96 degrees here yesterday. supposed to be about 20 degrees cooler today. dan, bianna? >> all right, claritien, our thanks to you. there could be relief on the way. a significant shift in the weather. abc meteorologist ginger zee is covering that angle. good morning, ginger. >> good morning to you. record highs up and down southern california. also unprecedented levels of humidity on the low end, of course, you could see the smoke from space. look, los angeles right here, cam riarillo fires on satellite. always incredible to see. now the shift in weather and i promise you it and here it is, the sea breeze comes in, moisture at the lower levels, 72 only san francisco, santa barbara, down to 66. not only cooler, more moist and even rain tomorrow night through monday. you can expect in camarillo up
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to a quarter inch. a quarter to a half inch in the dark blue that includes los angeles so some good news but remember 64% of california still in drought. this is just a band-aid because we have an early fire season that is going to be hot and dry after all that rain. back to you, bianna. >> that rain definitely will help. ginger, thank you. we return to the escalating tensions in the middle east. overnight officials in israel admitting its air force took out a shipment of weapons in syria. meantime, president obama is in central america addressing the united states' involvement in syr syria's civil war and jim avila is traveling with the president. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. abc news confirmed israeli warplanes that hit a target inside syria, a target the israelis deemed a serious threat. explosions believed to be the bombing aired on rebel television. several smoke plumes from what appears to be streaking rockets fired from israeli warplanes. hitting syrian anti-aircraft weapons according to abc news military sources.
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there's no official comment from syrian officials or the israelis. and no reporting of the strike on syrian state media. here in costa rica where the president is traveling no comment from the white house referring all questions to the israelis. as tensions rise in the middle east, president obama did tell reporters he's keeping all options open. but he is being careful because of prior mistakes, he says, made by moving too quickly in the middle east and he is reluctant to send in american troops. >> i do not foresee a scenario in which boots on the ground in syria, american boots on the ground in syria would not only be good for america, but also would be good for syria. >> reporter: the president saying here in costa rica, he is ready to apply every pressure point to syria. bianna and dan. >> a major challenge facing this administration right now, jim avila traveling with the president. thank you. a lot of other news developing overnight. for that as always it's mr. ron claiborne. good morning, sir. >> good morning, mr. dan harris
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and bianna golodryga. good morning, america. we begin with that routine traffic stop that turned into a deadly shootout. police in ohio released this disturbing dash cam video from back in march showing a man jumping out of his car and opening fire on a pair of police officers firing 37 shots from an assault rifle. the officers fired back killing the man and they've suffered minor injuries. investigators still don't know why that man did it. the fate of the sandy hook elementary school is still undecided. a task force in newtown, connecticut, failed to agree on a plan for the school where 26 children and adults were killed back in december. the group is expected to decide last night whether to renovate it, demolish it or build a new school or build a new school in another site and meet again this coming friday. rescue workers from the central asian country of kyrgyzstan recovered the body of two american crew members when a plane crashed friday. the air force refueling plane went down about 100 miles outside of ang air base that supports military operations in afghanistan.
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workers are still searching for the remains of the third crew member. and here's something that may make you think twice about checking your bags. next time you fly, italian police arrested 29 baggage handlers in rome caught on camera stealing cash, cameras, phones and other valuables from luggage. police installed hidden cameras in airplane cargo holds to catch them. finally, take a look at this. it looks like a hollywood stunt but it is not. this is real and it happened in georgia, a man clinging to the hood of a woman's car for nearly two miles. he jumped on to the car after the woman allegedly hit his wife's suv and ftried to flee. police are still searching for that driver. you know, it makes you wonder if you saw somebody riding on the hood of a car, would you whip out your smartphone and videotape it or call the cops. >> seems like the thing to do these days. grab your phone. >> videotape it while you drive. >> never-ending. appreciate it. now to new developments in
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the investigation into those boston bombings. investigators are focusing fresh attention now on the widow of tamerlan tsarnaev katherine russell as we're learning the official cause of death for tamerlan tsarnaev. his body sitting in a funeral home with to one willing to bury it. gio benitez is here with the latest. >> good morning to you. cemeteries in new jersey, connecticut and massachusetts have already refused to bury the body of the alleged bomber. this as investigators try to figure out if his widow knew about the plan. this morning, cemetery after cemetery is refusing to bury the body of alleged boston bomber tamerlan tsarnaev. the body is at a funeral home in worcester, massachusetts, and many residents are furious. >> my sympathies are not with this terrorist but with the families who are now suffering the loss of limb and life. >> he just bombed us. taking care of him, it's not fair. >> the funeral director who picked up tsarnaev's body says
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he's looked for burial plots in three states. >> let me just leave it. they don't do 5 in this country. we bury the worst of the worth here. >> reporter: he says tamerlan reportedly rung over by his brother dzhokhar after a firefight with police died of gunshot wounds and blunt trauma to the head and torso. this as we see what may be the bombmaking factory. tamerlan's apartment, dzhokhar allegedly told investigators that he and his brother built the bombs here. overnight, abc news spoke with the father of one of the students accused of trying to get rid of dzhokhar's laptop and backpack full of fireworks. >> translator: from the beginning i did not believe and i do not believe right now that my son is guilty. i don't believe it. >> reporter: and what about tamerlan's wife, katherine russell? abc news has learned the female dna found on one of the bombs is not hers. either way the fbi still wants to know what tamerlan may have
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said to her in a phone call just days after the bombing. and a lawyer for the widow has said she knew nothing about the bombing plan and was shocked when it happened. meanwhile, dzhokhar has told investigators that his brother was the leader and author of the plan, so still weeks later so many questions. >> and continuing questions about whether we can believe what dzhokhar is saying, of course. >> absolutely. >> thank you. gio. we do have good news for everyone watching their 401(k)s this morning. stocks surged to a new record friday with the dow breaking 15,000 for the first time ever before closing just below the would-be milestone but the question this morning, can the economy sustain these new highs? here's abc's rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: what a week for stocks and the economy. first off you have the jobs report. 7.5% unemployment, the lowest level in four years. 165,000 jobs were added to our economy in the month of april. meantime, stocks finished out
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the week at their highest levels ever. the dow recently was above 15,000 during friday's trading session. the s&p 500 finished out the week at record highs and you know what that means, your 401(k) is going to be looking much better this month. it's been about four years since the depths of the great recession and in that time, stocks have recovered 139%. so if you put $10,000 into the stock market in march of 2009, guess what you would have right now? about $24,000. for those who sat and waited and didn't touch their savings and left it there and let it ride and probably had to look away at times, this worked out. rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> nice to get some good financial news this morning. rebecca, thanks to you. it has been described as part political rally, part trade show, part victory lap. tens of thousands of gun enthusiasts descending upon
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houston for what may be the most watched nra convention ever, the theme this year, stand and fight. abc's jeff zeleny is in washington this morning. jeff, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. you're right, the nra says that its membership is up and the group's leaders are fighting what they call a culture war. but they're coming face to face with some of those families of those nooult shooting victims. this morning, the gun lobby is riding high. >> we are americans, we are proud of it and we are going to defend our freedom. we promise you. >> reporter: the nra is gathering for the second day of its annual convention, celebrating their latest legislative victory. >> leave our freedoms alone. >> reporter: five months after the newtown massacre re-opened a national debate on guns not a single new federal gun law has passed. >> you saw what happened to the united states senate a few days ago. >> this is a fight for the future of freedom. >> reporter: tens of thousands of nra members are here listening to conservative
4:14 am
leaders rally their support for the second amendment. former alaska governor sarah palin accused the white house of playing politics. >> this president flying in grieving parents on air force one, making them backdrops in his perpetual campaign-style press events. >> reporter: overnight family mes told abc news they did not feel like props. several stood watch outside the nra convention. >> robert allen penning. >> reporter: reading the names of victims from sandy hook and other shootings. neal lost his son jesse, a first grader. >> well, i think everybody down deep knows what happened in newtown shouldn't have happened. >> reporter: also keeping the pressure on is patricia maisch who tackled the gunman in the shooting of congresswoman gabby giffords. >> the gun lobby is saturated in blood and some of our legislators have blood on their hands. >> reporter: supporters say public opinion is on their side with as many as eight in ten
4:15 am
americans supporting some type of background checks but the politics is another question. top senate aides tell abc news this morning they plan to bring this gun legislation up again possibly later in month but it's an open question if any votes have changed or the outcome will be any different. dan? >> i'll pick it up, jeff. this debate far from over. all right, time now for a check of the weather and back over to ginger. hey, ginger. >> i don't know if you heard but snowed in arkansas for the first time in may. the snow getting all the headlines but it's been really stormy if florida and some of the rains picking up flooding. let's look at that in jacksonville, florida, just south and east they got more than an inch of rain and some places for the rest of today, going to get quite a bit more than even that. let's look at who gets what. nashville and just east in that 2 to 4-inch pocket south of bowling green and north and west of atlanta. so that's all the rain and then we have to talk about that snow. i promised it for you and we've got pictures out of springfield, missouri, another place that had record snow in may.
4:16 am
all the way up to minnesota we've been talking about this all week, same system and behind it cold, record cold this morning in memphis, the coldest they've ever recorded in may, 36 degrees in memphis, 44 this morning in dallas. houston is 47. the cold is going to hold on at least for the weekend and then it'll start to warm up as we get into the workweek. you want more snow, go to an unlikely place, 15 degrees above average at 76. portland, 81. snow, go to an unlikely place, 15 degrees above average at 76. portland, 81. now, go to an unlikely place, 15 degrees above average at 76. portland, 81. ow, go to an unlikely place, 15 degrees above average at 76. portland, 81. w, go to an unlikely place, 15 degrees above average at 76. portland, 81. , go to an unlikely place, 15 degrees above average at 76. portland, 81.
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>> record snow made its way to wisconsin too. almost a foot and a half in may and this picture is from ashland. they didn't have a foot and a half. it looks pretty. what the lady on twitter said and comparing a place i grew up, holland, michigan, were in the 70s all week to iowa where their tulip festival not so nice. >> can we say with any certainty there will be no more know that we're into -- >> no, still flurries this morning in parts of the south. >> unbelievable we're already in may. ginger, thanks. we'll turn to a mystery that has everyone guessing. the sudden death of a doctor found with cyanide in her system but no official cause of death. police combed through the house overnight as neighbors were left wondering what is happening and what role, if any, her husband may have played in her death. abc's tai hernandez is here with that story. >> hey, bianna and dan. she seemed like a woman who had it all, a successful career in medicine, a family, a beautiful home but now that home the subject of an intense police search. the home she shared with her
4:18 am
husband and daughter before she died so suddenly. overnight homicide detectives executed a search warrant at the pittsburgh home dr. autumn klein shared with her husband, dr. robert feranti packing belongings into evidence bags carrying out three vacuum cleaners and a computer tower. even towing the couple's two cars. this as neighbors still trying to make sense of her sudden death. >> we were stunned. i mean she was young, she was vibrant. she has a young daughter. we were just stunned. >> reporter: police have not confirmed the cause of death and are not calling her husband a suspect after she collapsed at home in late april and died three days later. an autopsy found high levels of cyanide in her system. >> you could potentially put it on food, in a capsule, a size of a capsule is enough to kill somebody. >> reporter: this morning, the fbi is assisting pittsburgh police who say suicide still has not been ruled out.
4:19 am
but it's a theory klein's parents rejected in a statement to abc news. "we cannot imagine somebody harming our daughter but from what we're told she could not have alarmed herself." klein, a prominent neurologist described her work in this video produced by the discovery channel. >> preconception counting is incredibly important to women with epilepsy. >> reporter: helping women survive a pivotal time in their lives, now police trying to piece together why her own life was cut short. in an interesting twist a private investigation has also been launched into this case. someone hired cyril wecht a well-known forensic pathologist but wecht would not confirm who hired him. >> thanks, ty. now to the high security today at the annual run for the roses. the kentucky derby in the wake of the boston marathon many booing. >> security increased to protect an expected crowd of 100,000 people and not the only major sporting event where police are clamping down in the name of safety.
4:20 am
abc's john schriffen is here with that story. >> this morning kentucky derby fans are arriving to a noticeably different atmosphere among churchill downs' race and wild fashion. race officials say this year the most exciting two minutes in sports will be among the most secure. >> we want to ensure everyone has a safe and fun time at the track. >> reporter: spectators now have to pay close attention to what's allowed inside. so what's in and what's out? cans and glass bottles all a strict no. not to worry, you can still wear your oversized derby hat and bring a camera for the photo finish as long as it doesn't have a detachable lens. the question now, is it working? on thursday according to the arrest report a man was able to sneak into millionaire's row at churchill downs without a ticket. the 44-year-old then allegedly sat at a table threatening to shoot people. he was taken into custody. no weapon was found.
4:21 am
>> i don't know if i would be here today if i heard that. >> reporter: it's happening across the sports world, for the nba playoffs in a statement to abc news, the league says safety is always a priority writing "we regularly practice a wide range of state-of-the-art security measures in all of our arenas." in new york for the long island marathon authorities will have radiation detectors and canines along the course to sniff out any potential threats. >> after boston, these big events cannot even begin to roll the dice and say, well, maybe we can skimp here or there. they have to go all-in. >> reporter: one thing they're not taking any chances with at the kentucky derby this morning, bags, large purses and backpacks, both banned. now, former fbi profiler brad garrett says these additional security measures serve two purposes, psychologically they calm the public's fears, just seeing an increased presence. also it could deter anyone from trying to do harm because, dan, bianna, they'll know you'll have
4:22 am
to work harder to do it. >> are they searching the hats? s>> that remains to be seen. coming up on "gma" after four long lurid months the most watched trial in america now in the hands of the jury with jodi arias looking on, the surprising admission her own attorney made to the jurors. also ahead, eating cheap. fast food chains are at war again with customers winning the low end of the prices. where the best deals? we'll tell you coming up. plus, getting the royal treatment. a picture of kate middleton's baby picture. if you take a closer look there's something not right with this picture. may the force about you on this "star wars" holiday. ewoks are taking over the studio.
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nine days out of ten i don't like jodi arias. >> closing arguments from the defense in the jodi arias trial after seemingly endless graphic testimony, the spell binding murder case which has gone on for months is now in the hand s of the jury and no shortage of evidence and testimony to consider. good morning, america, i'm bianna golodryga. the day finally arrived. >> good morning, i'm dan harris. such a wild thing to hear from a defense attorney, nine days out of ten he doesn't even like his client. we'll talk to a legal expert about whether that was legally wise. this is, by the way, saturday, may 4th, may the 4th be with you. explain why it's such a holiday for "star wars" geeks. restaurant chains are at war again and customers may be the winners with low prices on the menus, we'll tell you where to get the best deals coming up on
4:31 am
"gma." >> i like that story. and as you said a very important day for "star wars" fanatics. those of you who fall into this category probably know why and we're celebrating with our own little ewoks this morning, we'll explain it all coming up in the show. but first nearing the end of the four-month jodi arias murder trial with the case in the hands of the jury. most watched trial in america with some people actually holding parties hooked on every detail. abc's ryan owens has the latest. >> you may go back to the jury room and begin deliberating. >> reporter: with that, eight men and four women began deliberating the fate of admitted killer jodi arias. monday morning those jurors will return to the jury room where they spent just 45 minutes friday afternoon. >> sex, lies and dirty little secrets. >> reporter: during his closing argument of the sensational
4:32 am
trial arias' attorney kirk nurmi made this startling admission. >> it's not even about whether you like jodi arias. nine days out of ten i don't like jodi arias but that doesn't matter. >> reporter: what matters, he told the jury, is that arias is not guilty of first degree murder. >> the simple answer is that he attacked me. >> reporter: during this four-month trial the 32-year-old has insisted she shot and repeatedly stabbed her ex-boyfriend travis alexander because she had to. that she was a battered woman who finally lost it. >> she simply snapped. if miss rare yas is guilty of any crime at all, it is the crime of manslaughter. >> reporter: prosecutor juan martinez believes arias deserves the death penalty if convicted. he calls her a stalker who killed her ex in a jealous rage over seeing him with other women
4:33 am
then made up abuse allegations to justify the cold-blooded premeditated murder. >> travis victor alexander was slaughtered by this woman. >> reporter: alexander's family sobbed as he recounted that day in june of 2008. jodi arias simply shut her eyes knowing her fate is now in the hands of 12 people who could ultimately decide if she lives or dies. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, phoenix. >> after four long months it's in the hands of the jury now. now let's get some legal analysis from rikki klieman. thanks for coming in. >> thanks, dan. >> it's stunning to hear what he said. was this wise? >> i think it's okay. i've heard it done before. i once even told a jury not to believe my client. it was okay if they didn't believe my client because if you have a client who has lied, you may just not like her. i don't think it's a bad move.
4:34 am
>> can she -- given everything we've learned about her during the course of the trial, can the jurors really give her a fair hearing? >> well, they may not like her. just like her own lawyer doesn't but they may be able to assess the evidence and, remember this, this lawyer on the defense side is only looking for one juror to hang this jury or perhaps more jurors to come back with something less than the first degree murder charge. they want to save her life. that's the defense ploy here. they're noting looking for an acquittal. >> let's walk through the options that the jury has right now. >> what we have is obviously not guilty, that's not going to happen. we have first degree murder, which could be a sentence of life or death. but then we have these two lesser includeds. second degree murder, intentional but not planned, intentionally but not premeditated and finally we have manslaughter in the heat of passion. what the defense is trying to argue which we just saw is this was a fit of passion, this wasn't something that was well
4:35 am
planned and that that's why they're look for a lesser verdict. whether or not they'll get it is quite another matter. >> very quickly, do you have a sense of how the jury may come out on this? i know predictions are tough. >> i never make predictions but i'll make one in this case, she's not walking out of there. >> rikki, thank you very much, appreciate it. check the overnight headlines with ron claiborne. >> hi again, dan and bianna. in the news firefighters battling that massive wildfire in camarillo, california, could get a break from the weather in the form of rain today, the fire exploded on friday crippling 28,000 acres. it has threatened 4,000 homes but so far none has been destroyed. overseas about 300 homes evacuated in belgium this morning after a freight train carrying chemicals derailed sparking this huge fire. people within a half mile of the blast were told to seek shelter elsewhere. at least five people were taken to the hospital. and your summer cookout could be a lot more expensive. beef prices road to an all-time high on friday because of the dry spell.
4:36 am
it's driven up feed prices for cattle. finally lebron james is about to join elite company and reportedly named nba mvp on sunday for the fourth time in his career. james will be the fifth player in nba history to win the award four times. supersports fan dan harris just slipped me a note saying -- pointing out that the record is six times by kareem abdul-jabbar. thank you for that. >> i'm the stat manage, as you know. >> a big basketball fan. time now for the weather. over to ginger zee. >> baseball and football. that's really where he excels and look for details on dan from that later. tornadoes, have been so quiet in the u.s. this year but yesterday in italy, look at this amazing video. they had a tornado. they actually rank sixth in the world for number of tornadoes when it comes to density and, again, quiet here but not usually. last year they had 12 in italy. that puts them up there. they did have some injury, some damage but fortunately no one died. we do want to check in on
4:37 am
another stormy place. yes, lots of rain, atlanta this morning and lots of rain not only from atlanta but from nashville into parts of central tennessee down into florida and behind it, remember, much cooler weather. 57 for a high little rock, houston a little bit warmer at 77 so rainy in the southeast but, boy, has it been nice in the northeast. that's going to continue for at least one more day. look at the numbers, 67, new york, 67, philadelphia. that high pulls away. woo he see plenty more sunshine all the way up into maine much that's the big picture. a check now a little closer to home. >> this weather report brought to you by party city. dang, i'm right there with you. i don't know much about sports. it's okay. >> fair enough. i feel better now. coming up here on "gma," the extraordinary deals you could find right now at fast food
4:38 am
chains and popular restaurants, our reporter on the front lines of an american food fight. celebrating "star wars," may the force be with you. a special holiday for sci-fi fans and we have our own ewoks taking over the studio. there they are. you'll meet them coming up next.
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♪ i don't care i love it >> the latest shot in the restaurant wars, taco bell is adding a dollar menu nationwide trying to keep pace with its fast food rivals. >> some restaurants are even going so far now to just give food away to fill the seats in the place. abc's linzie janis is on the story. >> reporter: need to make a run for the border. only have a dollar. make it between 2 and 5 p.m. during taco bell's happy hour. 4:00, i have one hour. and grillers are the only food item on the menu. soon the fast food chain says you'll be able to live mas for less all day long with 12 different options on its dollar cravings menu rolling out nationwide this year. its rivals have been at it for years. ♪ the whopper jr. is only -- >> 1.29. >> reporter: a mcdouble, wendy's
4:43 am
chicken nuggets or whopper jr. all for around a buck much the fast food chains are locked in a fierce battle for our wallets that has them practically giving food away. >> tremendous number of competitors battling for market share. >> the new dq 5 buck lump. >> reporter: they use the megadeals to get us through the door hoping some will opt for the other items. called the barbell strategy. >> typically a clump of menu items thought of at the upper end, so-called premium or higher priced ends and then you have another cluster of items on the other end and your hope is you will create people up over time. >> new buy one take one. >> reporter: you can expect better deals from sit-down restaurants too. now at the olive garden after you finish your bottomless salad and bread sticks and an entree your server will send you home with a whole new meal from the buy one take one menu like the stereotypical grandmother.
4:44 am
>> when you're here, you're family. >> reporter: all this for $12.95. it's an excellent deal, i have to say it's ang excellent deal because it is. food for the next week or so. ♪ >> is there such a thing as food that's too cheap. experts warn against discounting too much and too long because it can damage a brand's image. olive garden says it's its most popular deal ever. a ton of food. this right here is what i brought back and these are the taco bell drigrillers. >> we'll take a quick break so ron and i can crush this taco bell. coming up on the broadcast, leonardo dicaprio talking marriage. is one of hollywood's most eligible bachelors finally ready to settle down. "pop news" after a quick break. >> i guess he met ginger. [ lane ] do you ever feel like you're growing old
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♪ all right, time for "pop news." our entertainment reporter and host of "on the red carpet" rachel smith out in l.a. this morning. hey, rach. >> hey, guys. great to hear your voices this morning. right into "pop news," shall we? leonardo dicaprio is taking a little time off from acting and, ladies, listen up. he may be ready to leave bachelorhood behind. the "the great gatsby" star isn't close to tying the knot but not dismissing the idea of finding wedded bliss. when asked about it, he said, i'll take it as it comes. we'll see what happens in the future. i take it day by day. maybe he doesn't exactly sound excited but doesn't sound like george clooney either. of course, he does need to find a girlfriend first. the frenzy over married couple will and kate's royal baby is heated up. if she did have a baby shower it might look like this. this is her shower imagined by
4:50 am
photographer ellison jackson who specialized in spoof photos of the royal family. now, this picture is not a product of digital magic, those are actually look-alikes for the duchess, the queen, pippa and camilla. the resemblance is unbelievable. one nice touch to point out that she's holding on to says born to rule. nice work your majesty. taken a look at the old calendar. you'll notice it's may 4th. well, guys, think about it. as in may the 4th be with you. today is sort of christmas for "star wars" fanatics. hard to believe the first organized "star wars" started just two years ago now events all over the world to celebrate the trilogy. you have a celebration going on back in the studio. >> everybody got a dog but me from the aspca. these dogs are all up for adoption nominated as the best
4:51 am
wookie and ewok look-alikes they could find. >> i agree. >> this is gracie. >> yes, you do. >> i love gracie. i love all of them. they are adorable. what a great way to celebrate "star wars" day. >> ron will take all three of them home. >> i wish i could. i love dogs. hey, buddy. >> thank you to aspca for bringing them in and rachel smith out in l.a. see you later and we'll be right back. in a sunshine state of mind?
4:52 am
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breaking news, one of our co-workers in the dmc in our edit area is actually interested in adopting one of these. >> jamie. >>. names are lola, gracie and sunny. all up for adoption and they are all fresh off inter galactic
4:56 am
battles of one variety or another. go to if you're interested in adopting these. >> we're always available on on yahoo!. we'll play with these dogs right now. hi, puppy.
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>> hi there. a good saturday morning to you. i'm katie marzullo low. we will take a quick look at the weather. looks like it will be another beautiful day. lease arrange. >> good morning. above 1,000 feet relative humidity is very low, 15%. northeast winds could gust from 40 to 50 miles an hour. this is until 3:00 in the afternoon. then the winds will quickly subside. as you said, overall it will be a much more comfortable day with a late day sea breeze. temperatures will stay in the 60s at the coast. low to mid-60s here around the bay. 70ths and 80s inland.